Birth Siblings

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Birth siblings, whose parent(s) has placed a child for adoption, sometimes know about the placement from childhood, and sometimes are the last to know. Searching can be difficult because siblings generally have limited access to information; however, many state reunion registries are now accepting entries from siblings, and most privately run registries welcome siblings.

This growing list of resources represents a variety of information for and about siblings, from searching to finding out after a parent's death that there are siblings who have been placed for adoption. Have a resource to suggest? Submit it here.

Family Reconnects 38 Years Later
"I don't know how you're going to take this," said the woman, Norsala Schlaht of Ottawa, "but I'm your birth sister."

My Reunion Story
Carrie Craft learned she had a sister after her mother's death.

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Kristi - 1 year ago
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I found out 2 years ago (at the age of 39) that my mother had a child before I was born that she placed for adoption. A cousin told me out of anger against the rest of the family. I've been searching desperately for my sister (very small chance that it could be a brother because my mother never saw her baby) ever since. I feel like there is an empty place in my heart and I will continue to feel this way until I find her. I've checked every website out there and I'm worried that my sister has passed away or she has no idea that she was adopted. My mother doesn't want to talk to me about it, but she has given bits and pieces. I have a date, a hospital and a doctor. I've been to counseling about this and I pray constantly that I find her. I want to speak on behalf of siblings and say that if I would have known this years ago, I would have been searching all along. I would have never turned my back on my sibling. This really does break my heart. God bless everyone that is searching. #1
guest remember me - 6 days ago
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I am looking for my siblings we share the same dad Richard. he was in the army and also a long distance trucker. I do not have much info to go on except the name of one of my brothers is David. My dad is from maine but has lived in many places over the years. if this sounds familar please ost hear as I ceck this sight often thanks #2
Cheryl - 2 months ago
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My sisters and I are looking for our half brother that was born June or July of 1970. Born to Carol Frances Mahurin Daniels. At Mercy Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa. We think our mother named him William Scott (not sure of a last name on the birth certificate) after his father. His Father is William Scott we think he is from the Granger Iowa area. He was known as "Scotty". Sadly our mother Carol has passed in 1993, which is why we have no exact dates. Please contact us as we would love to get to know our brother. #3
Guest - 1 year ago
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I have recently found out that back in the late 60's early 70's that my father had an affair with a Mariam Tory resulting in a pregnancy. Mariam gave birth to a daughter and put her up for adoption. At the time Mariam lived in Haverhill Ma and I believe that my Dad was never put on the birth certificate. The last my Dad heard was that Mariam had gotten married and moved to Maine! Anything would help if anyone has ever heard of Mariam..she would be in her 60's now. I would really love to meet my sister. Thank you! #4
Charles Anderson - 4 months ago
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I am looking for the youngest of three brothers. Shawn was born 9-3-1978 in Germany on an air force base. He has two older brothers. Shawn was adopted when he was less than a year old. He was born to Sandra Erwin and Troy Erwin. The last time i seen my brother was at the Childrens home in lubbock, TX. I was informed he was adopted by David Petty and his wife. He was given the name David PettyIII. Last I heard he was around the Wyoming area. IF you can help with any information please get ahold of me. xxxx. Thank you for your help #5
Lonnie Snider/ Cole - 1 month ago
Looking for sister born Patricia Cole/ adopted by the Sniders later readopted where her name was changed. Desperately would love to see her spent many days thinking ofher. I was boen in Kentucky not sure if she was born in Kentucky or Ohio. We were adopted on Ohio. #6
Christina - 4 months ago
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I am searching for my brother. We call him "Billy"; his birth name is William Morrison. I don't know if his name has been changed. He was born at Harrison Hospital in Bremerton, WA March 25th, 1999. The social services stripped my mother (who at the time had a plethora of untreated and undiagnosed mental health diseases). After the CPS removed us from our home they split us up into different foster homes. Eventually my other brother went to his father, and Billy went to his paternal grandparents in Ocean Shores. Billys paternal grandparents eventually came to the conclusion that they couldn't raise another baby (even though I asked if they would until I turned 18 which would've been in 18 months) and Billy was placed with a family that wanted to adopt him. When that family showed interest in adopting him, soon after whatever rights my mom had a the time were squashed by the state and the family that wanted the closed adoption got their chance. I only know what my social worker said of #7
Guest - 1 month ago
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Catheine Devlin - 1 week ago
Looking for my cousin who was born in Glasgow in May 1965 as Catherine Stevenson to mother Mary Stevenson... You were adopted adopted at birth via St Margarets Adoption agency in Glasgow, and given the name of Elizabeth (but we dont know your last name) We have found out you met family members at St Margarets Adoption agency in Glasgow in March 1998 and were not met with open arms... But there are some family members looking for you and we have news about your family that you should know. Please get in touch with the Adoption Agency and speak to Jess. She knows we are looking for you. #9
I'm looking - 2 weeks ago
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I have always known that I have a half brother we share the same father I have just finally received a first name it David. If I am correct he was born before 1980. Thats pretty much all the information I have other than our fathers nae is Richard #10
Jade - 3 weeks ago
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I am 16 years old and adopted. I managed to find my birth dad on facebook and even some cousins I never knew I had. We went to my birth mum's house and I just looked her in the eyes and said 'I'm your daughter'. She was a horrible mother and I wouldn't dream of reconnecting with her again after the things she did when I was a baby, however, a couple weeks ago my dad told me that she had had two other children after I had been adopting (at the age of 3). They should be around 10 years old now but she won't bother replying to my texts or giving me answers about them. All I know is the father to these other two children could be a numerous amount of men. All I know is the mother's name is Susan Lowe, and the most likely father is named Andy Williams. They live on Colshaw Farm Estate in Wilmslow but both children were taken off of her at birth... I have no idea where to look first, my mum didn't even have the guts to tell me about them herself! Thats what hurts the most :'( #11
Bernadette - 1 month ago
Im searching for my baby brother who was placed in foster care and later adopted his Name is Nathan Lawrence Hilde Jr he was 21 months at the time born in 2000 January either on the 20th or 21st. he has blonde hair blue eyes born in Corpus Christi Tx I am your sister I was 8 at the time im 21 now you use to call me sissy you have another sister older and 2 older brothers our mother lost custody of us both the only pictures I have are of when you were about 1 1/2 yrs old I really miss you ive had to go to counseling growing up when we were separated I wont give up. #12
Crystal Akers - 10 months ago
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My name is Crystal Akers. I am searching for my sister, who was born on March 17, 1981 at Mckenzie Willamette Hospital in Springfield Oregon. The State of Oregon handled the adoption. She was approximately 58 days old at time of placement. Her birth grandmothers name was Lena and she attended the University of Oregon in Eugene. [The family were all VERY tall people. At the time we gained custody of our daughter we were told the birth mother inquired as to our feelings of future meetings(after adulthood) hope she got the message that we could hardly wait. Birth mothers name is Patricia Phillips. I am trying to find my sister out there who was adopted as a baby. This is all I know about her so please pass the message around so that I can finally find my long lost sister. I also know that her adopted mom called her Kelly.Everyone PLEASE REPOST this!!!!!!God bless you too #13
Tia Lyons - 2 months ago
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I have never had much as a child. My memory reflect sadness, loss and a broken family. I have a sister who I use have visit with in McDonald's as a child. All I can remember is her being a year old with red hair. My brother was giving to my grandmother who I lived with at the time. I vow know one would have to do a thing for him. Social work took him to a doctor appointment and I never seen him again. I was told my sister and brother were together and adopted by the Spanish family my sister was with. I can't remember that family name. Alexandra and Eric are there adopted names. Sincerely, will never be fulfilled. #14
Christian Cooper - 5 months ago
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My name is Christian im looking for my two brothers that where adopted when we were all young our mother is Carrie Anne Stevenson. they are about 11 and 12 i think.. there name was Donavan and Nicolas but im sure there name has been changed. im 15 and i really want to meet my brothers almost every day i search sense i found out and its hard for me to move on with my life all i really want is there new names and to know they are alive.. #15
Joann - 2 months ago
hello i need to find my older brother who i have never ment all i know about him is that he was born in texas and he should be in his 30's his mother gave him up for adoption when he was a baby my dad may have i dont know if he has ever seen him i know he is real cause my dad talked about him and when he did you could see the gilt with in him i know that he's name would have been micheal but i want to find him cause my dad had passted and i dont care if i only see what he looks like there is a space that needs to be filled please help me find him #16
Eileen Martinez Dubuisson - 2 days ago
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I have been searching for my half sister who was placed for adoption by Julianna Jaramillo Martinez. The adoption was arranged by OB/GYN Francis Kelly in Albuquerque NM. I'm not positive of the DOB only that it was 1963. I am on face book and would welcome any information #17
teena blackshear/sherman - 6 days ago
im looking for my sister, she was born in February of 1991 or 1992, she was born in Denver Colorado our mothers name was Karra Baker and was either 20 or 21 at the time of my sisters birth. it is believed that my sister was named Allison, I don't have a last name though. I don't believe there was a father listed on the birth certificate but if so our fathers name was David Sherman. #18
Lawrence Harasim - 8 months ago
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Hi my name is Lawrence Harasim the son of susan (sabik) Harasim I am looking for my half sister for my mom had to give her up at the age of 3 this took place in the 1960's her birth name Vicky Pilarczyk and the birth place was in cicero IL i believe...if someone has information or knows vicky please please contact me or my sister denise Harasim i can be reached at xxxx or my sister on facebook.. Thank you #19
quanisha torres dozier - 3 months ago
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I've known for years that my parents gave my brother up for adoption, I questioned my father about it a year before his passing,I always wanted to search for him but had no information, all I know is he would be 22 turning 23.. he was born Waterbury ct ay st Mary's hospital.. my mother is still living but she acts as if she doesn't know any information, I'm very lost don't know where to begin... where ever my brother is I want him to know he has a lot of siblings that think about him and even dreamed about meeting him one day.... please if there is anyone that knows of a young male that is 22yrs turning 23 birth name cordell who was born in Waterbury ct. #20
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