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The word "birthmother" is becoming more frequently understood to mean a woman whose child has been placed for adoption, however it is still widely used by many to mean a woman who is making an adoption plan, and has not yet relinquished her parental rights.

This area of the site is for those who meet the first definition - women who have placed a child for adoption. If you, a friend, or family member is considering placing a child for adoption, please visit for pregnancy resources, a discussion of options available, information on locating potential adoptive parents and adoption professionals, and more.

Even post-placement, the word "birthmother" is evolving. Some prefer the term "lifemother" or "first mother," and in English-speaking countries outside the U.S., the term "natural mother" is widely used. Some don't care for any descriptor and want to be called "mothers." You should feel free to let others know which term you prefer, and be patient if a newcomer to the world of adoption uses a term that you don't like.

In addition to the more general concerns and issues of parents whose children have been adopted (see left hand column for links), additional resources for women include:

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Viviana - 3 years ago
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Hi, I am a birth mother looking for 3 of my children the state took from me.My daughter's birth name was Juanita Bonita Vargas .She was born in tulsa Okla 7/26/93 at St Johns Hospital.3 yrs later I gave birth to twin boys Laron trejo and Loques Trejo born 7/25/96 alsi in tulsa okla at hilcrest medical center.I was told a military family from Stillwater Okla adopted all 3, and eventually were sent to California how true I don't know.But if anyone can help me I will be forever's almist beeb 14 yrs since I seen my babies. ..Please soneone help me. #1
James - 3 years ago
0 0 0
I was born 11/14/1963 at Bradenton hospital in Bradenton Hospital Florida. I was adopted from the Childrens home in Tampa fl, 1963. I want to know who my birth parents are. Just cant have any peace until I find them. My mother was in the jewelry business in Bradenton Fl, You were not married but my father I was told was a tall very good looking man. #2
James Kiatos - 4 years ago
0 0 0
Hi, I'm 48 years old and just now feel the need to inquire of whom my birth parents may be. just starting this journey. I was born on 3-3-1965 in Boston Mass. I lived in Boston for 5 years (0-5) then I moved to New Hampshire from the age of (5-13) then we moved out of the country for 4 years. I understand that I may have a brother and a sister as well, I do not know them either. As I acquire more information regarding my search I will place that information here as well. Any help would be great. Jim #3
Connie - 3 months ago
Searching for daughter born September 2 ,1974 Michigan #4
Paige - 4 years ago
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Hi, I am a 58 yr old woman born on 5-31-1955 in Richmond Va. I am searching for my Birth parents, or any relatives. I was born in the hospital MCV on above date. I was told I was adopted though the Chesterfield Co. Social Service. I am searching for any biological relatives . Thanks! #5
Lee - 6 months ago
Hi. I am birth mom looking for a birth Son Born Jan 16 1973, in Victoria BC at around 8 am Aprox 8 1/2. lb #6
jeanna - 4 years ago
0 0 0
I am a fifty two yrs old woman who has had medical problems and I am serching for my birth mother to learn my medical history background for the future , I was born in Ft. Worth TX on Nov. 11 , 1960 to a woman whose assumed name was MOORE. I really need my family medical background and if she is ok with it a meeting to see if I look llike her #7
Joseph Franco Jr. - 3 years ago
0 0 0
I'm trying to find my birth sister, Juanita Franco, she was born approximately April 14, 1959. Her birth parents are Joseph #8
Victoria - 4 years ago
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I am searching for my birth family. I was born in Miami County, OH. I am 56 years old and born on June 6, 1957. I would like to meet this family. #9
Guest - 4 years ago
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searching for biological family. Girl - born 12/6/68 #10
Carol - 4 years ago
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I am a birth mother attempting to make my contact information available to my son, born 7/9/64 at Our Lady of Victory in Buffalo, New York. Please post a contact email address if you are or know the person I am referring to, and I will reply by email. #11
Tracy - 4 years ago
0 0 0
Looking for a adoptee named CHAD A. ETHEIRDGE/ WHITE, Mothers name is: Tilly R. Etheridge, please contact me asap with any info xxxx Thanks! #12
Andrea - 4 years ago
0 0 0
Lookinf for my son Jason Frost at birth. Born 10/12/86 You have 2 brothers name Michael Abushaala and James Abushaala please contact me at xxxx #13
James - 4 years ago
0 0 0
Looking for Birthmother/father. I was born 1/8/1962 in Wells, MN to a woman with the last name of Graf. Please contact with any info. #14
Mark - 4 years ago
0 0 0
Father looking for son, born June 1983 at St Alexius in Bismarck North Dakota, birth name Johnathan. #15
kara - 4 years ago
0 0 0
I am looking for my birth grandparents mother was born may 9th 1962 at 227 pm in baltimore md she was adopted out of family and childrens society .please contact me via email xxxx #16
Dawn - 4 years ago
0 0 0
Looking for birth parents I was born 7/21/64 in Queens NY and adopted through Spence Chapin Agency in NY #17
Judy - 4 years ago
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I am a birth mother searching for my son born February 16, 1968 in Grand Rapids, Michigan at Booth Memorial Hospital (home for unwed mothers). Any information would be appreciated #18
Linda - 4 years ago
0 0 0
Looking for birth parents for male dob 7/4/68 born in Kansas City, MO. We adopted him through Jackson County Juvenile Court. #19
jenna miedema - 4 years ago
1 0 0
Looking for birth mom.Iwas born in michigan.Adopted at da blodgett montcalm mi in 77.please help #20

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